Corporate and Institutional Clothing

We offer institutional clothing from the United States at the best price

Corporate and Institutional Clothing

Corporate and Institutional Clothing

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Corporate and institutional clothing is a classification type usually produced by us and recognized secondhand stores. Normally items were displayed in the shop but did not sell.

Corporate and institutional clothes and has been classified as being in the condition of new or nearly new and ready to be sold in stores. Clothing that is not taken into account for sales in stores, or can not then sells being put up for sale, it is placed in bags or bales and sold as corporate and institutional clothing.

We packed our corporate and institutional clothing in large bales of half a ton (1,000lbs) for domestic or international transport.

Institutional customers prefer clothing that is more profitable you work it themselves at home, it is essential for all those wholesalers that his country has its own factory sorting clothes or any kind of clothing store.

If you are looking for a supplier that offers competitive prices, excellent customer service and can arrange purchase from door to door then you in the right place.

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