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3737 N.W. 53rd. Street,
Miami, Florida,
United States of America.

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Call us at +1 786 671 8271


Who we are and what we do?

We are Pacinca Used Clothing a company based in the City of Miami, Florida, USA, with over 25 years experience in used clothing, secondhand used clothing, recycled clothing, surplus, lots of clothes and clothes on settlements. With us you can achieve up to 95% off the original price in many products. WE provide all kinds of Recycled clothing from ALL QUALITIES you need at the BEST PRICES.

We sold our clients in Asia, Europe, Middle East, Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean. Our products can be shipped to almost all countries.

Through years of work we have established excellent business relationships with our customers. While we have helped many small and medium businesses achieve their dreams of starting a thriving business where you have to work hard but after that the fruits are picked because we guarantee the quality of what we sell.

If you are interested in Import to your country Recycled Clothing, keep in mind that ROI from the majority of our customers are from 2x1 to 4x1.

Ask your Freight Forwarder, Customs Broker or your agent what the requirements are for Importing Recycled Used Clothing in your country. Moreover ask if you can Import Under another classification or description, this will be very helpful in getting our merchandise in some cases.

Let us know what merchandise or batches of products you are interested and how much of each item you are interested in. For us it's always a pleasure working with you.

In addition we always have in our stores over 1,800,000 Pounds of Clothing Recycled so any order is ready in approximately 7-28 days.

Company Policies

Our company has established policies for sales of its products. Be sure to read all the topics before make any purchase, you must to know the terms and conditions of sales. Click here to read our policies.